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We provide pet transportation services for people who do not have the time to get away from work to take their pet into the clinic. We will pick up your pet from your home, drop them off at the clinic and, if necessary, pick them up again once the appointment is over and drop off back home.

One trip is described as picking up from one location and dropping off at another and rate is $30 if your pet is within the boundaries of Blanca street to Main street and 49th ave all the way down to the water (Kits Point and West Point Grey) and Downtown. Please inquire for rates outside this area.

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2. Non-Veterinary Pet Visits

Some pets are not comfortable staying in a kennel and house visits are more appropriate in this case (especially cats). House calls include daily or every-other-day 30 minute visits with your pet where they will be fed, watered and petted, cage or litter box cleaned and talked too!

Please inquire for rates outside of this area and for extra services you may require (i.e. medicating) during the house call.

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3. Non-Veterinary Horse Visits

If you require horse care, Noelle will personally provide this as she has 25 years of full-time experience with horses. A horse house call will include a full hour ride, grooming, mucking, feeding and watering as requested.

This service is $40 and includes any location in Southlands all the way out to UBC and this general area. If you require exercising, maintenance or vet services, please indicate and describe frequency and duration.

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Service Price
Pet Taxi (SERVICE TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE) $30 one way – $50 both ways
Non-Veterinary Pet Visits $30
Non-Veterinary Horse Visits $40

• Rates do not include applicable taxes.
• A 30% discount is applied for all additional pets (20% during peak periods).
• All pricing applies to within boundaries. Please contact us to inquire additional fees for your location.