Mobile Veterinary Services

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Qualified and experienced veterinary assistants and technicians will come to your home to provide minor veterinary services that do not necessarily have to be performed by a veterinarian. One of the biggest advantages of this service is reduced cost and reduced stress on the pet who would otherwise have to endure a trip to the clinic.

Such services include: Subcutaneous fluid treatments (for treatment of kidney disease), medicating, anal gland expression, nail trims, minor grooming, injections, ear cleaning and treating, assisted feeding.

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Expression $25
Nail trim cat $25
Nail trim dog $30
Subcutaneous fluids* $30
Assisted feeding $30
Medicating * $25
Ear cleaning / medicating * $35
Ear cleaning / medicating with plucking * $45
Injections* $25
Insulin injections with feeding ** $35
Insulin injections with feeding and Glucose testing ** $45
Bathing & drying $30
Bathing, clipping & drying $45
Mat removal / shaving (depends on severity) $35 – $55
Bathing, mat removal / shaving, clipping & drying $50 – $70
Initial consult and follow-up: $45 + $15 travel fee each way within boundaries
Exercising and maintenance $35
Medicating, etc: Please contact for pricing details.

Other veterinary care than listed above, please fill out the service request form below and specify in the “Other Relevant Information” box at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you promptly with pricing.

*We will supply the cleaning/ear medicating materials if you do not have them for an extra $5 charge per visit. Injections and medications other than SQ fluids must be supplied by the owner.

**Home visits for insulin injections require that the owner supply a glucose curve prior to the visit, exact feeding amounts and timing, and agree to allow us to perform glucose testing at any point we deem necessary for the safety of the pet. If the pet does not eat a full meal within 30 minutes prior to injection, the technician will inject less according to the glucose curve supplied and will do glucose testing prior to the next injection.

***Most grooming will be performed in the home of the technician if the owner prefers this. Severe mat removal requires that the pet be left with the technician for a designated period and can be picked up upon completion of service.

****Nutritional consult includes initial consult and requires that the owner send in weekly weigh-ins and status updates (including pictures especially for allergy consults). Advice following updates is included in the initial consult price.

*****Noelle has 25 years of full-time experience with horses. If you require exercising, maintenance or vet services, please indicate and describe frequency and duration in the other relevant information field below.

• Rates do not include applicable taxes.
• A 30% discount is applied for all additional pets (20% during peak periods).
• All pricing applies to within boundaries. Please contact us to inquire additional fees for your location.