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Many diseases and ailments can be managed adequately with proper pet nutrition (medical intervention may also be necessary depending on severity). Some examples include: kidney disease, kidney stones, liver disease, gastrointestinal disease/ irritable bowel syndrome, allergies (itchy, red skin, upper and lower gastro issues), obesity, arthritis and joint pain, dental caries, and more.

Noelle graduated with a double degree in Genetics and Molecular Nutrition from UBC in 2003. She worked for several years as a nutritional consultant and several years as a veterinary assistant. Noelle has also worked in sales of veterinary prescribed diets and has a thorough understanding of the many ways nutrition works in domestic animals to control and prevent diseases and debilitation such as those mentioned above.

If you feel your pet would benefit from a nutrition consultation, feel free to contact us by filling out the form below and describe a bit about your concerns and some of the symptoms you have observed. Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted within 24 hours to discuss your pet’s eligibility for a consult.

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Location Price
Noelle’s House $45
Your House $45 + $30 travel fee within boundaries
Includes initial consult and requires that the owner send in weekly weigh-ins and status updates (including pictures especially for allergy consults). Advice following updates is included in the initial consult price.

• Rates do not include applicable taxes.
• A 30% discount is applied for all additional pets (20% during peak periods).
• 15% is added to total service charge during Dec 1 – Jan 5.
• If you require Noelle to visit your location an extra $15 each way within boundaries will be charged. Please contact us to inquire additional fees for your location.