Our Values

  • Owners can be assured that all staff has veterinary technician or assistant training to recognize symptoms of illness or injury. Noelle is also a Certified Professional Pet Dog Trainer (PPDT).
  • We take very few dogs compared to most daycare or boarding facilities. Thus we can provide more attention to each.
  • Home environment is very quiet. Most dogs are exhausted after the lengthy midday walk and just sleep. Small, sensitive dogs can come up on the bed to be away from the larger more rambunctious dogs.


  • Pack interaction teaches social skills and encourages pet self-confidence.
  • Increase your pet’s exercise time.
  • Daytime activity can control or eliminate undesirable behaviour in the home due to boredom, separation anxiety or stress.
  • Acceptable behavior is encouraged through positive reinforcement.
  • Your dog is tired but happy when you get home from work — ready to relax the evening away with you.

Our Methods

  • Boarding is non-crated; dogs have access to all parts of the house including bedrooms and there are plenty of raised and comfy dog beds.
  • Noelle assesses every new dog personally and will offer constant positive reinforcement and association training tips and updates. This is for the safety of the new dog as well as the others. Basic training during group walks is provided for all pups (Focus, Recall and engagement. Noelle is a Certified Professional Pet Dog Trainer (PPDT)
  • Daily beach / Spirit Park lengthy midday group walks for all dogs on or off leash* + video
  • Dogs are supervised 24 hours a day by a certified vet assistant or tech. Another person or persons takes the dogs out for walks

* Based on pet’s assessment

Dog Walking Kitsilano

Meet Noelle

A certified veterinary assistant & technician with a deep love for all animals



Noelle hails from the Kootenays, and was brought up with animals — the usual horses, dogs, cats and rabbits as well as a variety of rodents. She spent most of her time in the barn or out in the fields with the horses and dogs — and even slept outside with them as often as she could, weather and parents permitting.


Noelle left the mountains to attend UBC in 1998, and graduated with a double degree in Animal Genetics, Physiology and Nutrition in 2003. But animals were always her deepest passion so she later studied to be a Veterinary Assistant, then Vet Tech through online courses followed by practicum at local clinics. Noelle then completed her PPDT certification (Professional Pet Dog Trainer). Noelle hopes to one day enter veterinary medicine at one of the three Canadian universities that offer the program.

History & Experience

Pet sitting since the age of 12, she has been providing full-time pet care since 2007, working at various veterinary clinics in Vancouver as an assistant and technician as well as through her growing private pet care business.

In 2010, Noelle decided to leave the clinic she was working at to devote all her time to her business — prompted by the huge demand from her clients. Now self-employed, and much more content, she works seven days a week and is never seen without a small herd of happy dogs at her side.

If you are in need of a services we offer, please fill out the respective service request form or the general contact form and we will be in touch.

We will happily provide references.

– Noelle


All pet care & dog walking includes video updates of your pet!