Serving Kitsilano and Vancouver with pet care for over 17 years!

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Noelle's Pet Love has been serving Vancouver for over 17 years. We provide qualified pet care services to suit your pet's individual needs.

Located in Kitsilano, Noelle's Pet Love believes all pets are unique and treats every pet family as unique. We assesses each dog and cat individually before intake such that your animal gets the care they need while you are away.

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To help people understand their puppy’s / dog’s unique needs and encourage / help train each dog to be the best they can be.

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To become leaders in the Vancouver dog service community by providing consistent, expert dog care and training. We will achieve this by always making sure each dog is serviced by a certified and experienced professional in the field of dog care and training and by always offering each owner with simple ways to understand how best to communicate and care for their dogs.

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  • Owners can be assured that all staff has veterinary technician or assistant training to recognize symptoms of illness or injury.
  • Noelle is also a Certified Professional Pet Dog Trainer (PPDT).
  • We take very few dogs compared to most daycare or boarding facilities. Thus we can provide more attention to each.
  • Home environment is very quiet. Most dogs are exhausted after the lengthy midday walk and just sleep. Small, sensitive dogs are separated from larger, more rambunctious dogs and each grouping stays with a different staff member.
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  • Boarding is non-crated; dogs have access to all parts of the house including bedrooms and there are plenty of raised and comfy dog beds.
  • Noelle assesses every new dog personally and will offer constant positive reinforcement and association training tips and updates. This is for the safety of the new dog as well as the others. Behavior and obedience training (focus, recall, impulse control and engagement) is provided for all dogs that come to daycare regularly (at least 2x per week) and is included in the rate.
  • Noelle is a Certified Professional Pet Dog Trainer (CPPDT).
  • Noelle and Sandy also provide behavior modification training sessions privately with owners if necessary. Learn more on our private, one-on-one dog training consults here.
  • Daily beach / Spirit Park lengthy midday group walks for all dogs on or off leash* + video.
  • Dogs are supervised 24 hours a day by a certified vet assistant or tech. Another person or persons takes the dogs out for walks.

* Based on pet’s assessment

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  • Pack interaction teaches social skills and encourages pet self-confidence.
    Increase your pet’s exercise time.
  • Daytime activity can control or eliminate undesirable behaviour in the home due to boredom, separation anxiety or stress.
  • Acceptable behavior is encouraged through positive reinforcement. All dogs that attend daycare regularly receive behavior and obedience training ( Focus, leash walking, impulse control, sit stay, down stay, engagement and Recall) and we update and help owners with their progress.
  • Your dog is tired but happy when you get home from work — ready to relax the evening away with you.

Want to get to know our team of animal lovers?

Client Love

A few woofs and meows from our clients, translated through the words of their owners!

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I have been taking my Jack Russell terrier to Noelle for nearly 3 years, and I have been impressed with her flexibility, understanding of his medical needs & typical terrier traits. If it was not for Noelle and her dog care service I am not sure that my fur-baby would be in the happy, healthy place that he is.

— Kelly
noelles pet love testimonials tawney

Noelle has been looking after Tawney for several years. She has always been there even when I had emergency family visits away. She notices things and keeps me alerted to any changes in my senior cat. She has been a great find and allowed excellent peace of mind.

— Sandi
noelles pet love testimonials nina 288x288 1

Noelle’s been reliable and flexible and has gone the extra mile for us. She has always made it easy to arrange daycare and boarding. She has provided quality veterinary technician services at a fraction of the cost of a veterinarian.

— Judy
noelles pet love testimonials artemis

Artemis loved to be with Noelle and visit with the other dogs. We felt secure in knowing that Noelle cared for her in the best possible way. The love that Noelle gave to our pet made us feel that Noelle helped raise this puppy into a loving member of our family. Highly recommended! We have referred our friends to her care.

— Wendy & Keith
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Mishka & Kara

Noelle's Pet Love has been taking competent and kind care of our two large dogs who need regular, mid-day, “rain or shine” walks. She also accommodates short-notice requests for weekend walks, boards our dogs when we are away, offers expert advice and provides on-site veterinary care when required. Noelle is always pleasant, professional and calm, and has proved many times over that she understands the behavior of large, protective dogs and knows how to handle them.

— Elizabeth & Igor
noelles pet love testimonials todd 288x288 1

Being a nurse and working shift work I found it very challenging to find daycare for my 3 year old Mexican rescue dog, as I worked 12 hour days and started very early. My dog Todd is easy-going but needs company when I am at work, and a typical daycare facility was too overwhelming for him. Todd instantly loved going to Noelle’s place and he feels right at home there.

— Jodie
noelles pet love testimonials bonita 288x288 1

I often have to work long hours for days on end and Bonita sometimes stays for many nights. It is hard for me but I know she is in great hands, can’t imagine a better person to take care of Bonita in my absence, plus she sends me pictures and videos, which is such a lovely touch when you miss your pet. I feel so lucky to have someone like Noelle and so does Bonita.

— Alexandra
noelles pet love testimonials snickers 288x288 1

Our dog, Miss Snickers, does not react well when she does not get to go out and socialize during the day and hates to being kenneled as she came from a shelter in Greece. She has helped Snickers socialize with big and small dogs and she is much more calm when we get home. We highly recommend Noelle and the loving care she provides to pets!

— Helen & Vlassis
noelles pet love testimonials johnny 288x288 1

As the founder of a dog rescue, I have two dogs of my own and new foster dogs are continually coming in. My own dog is special needs and some of the foster dogs have medical or behavioural issues but I know the dogs are in capable hands with Noelle. He is always so excited to be dropped off so I never worry about him! I really appreciate that Noelle is so flexible with her dog walking service. I wish there were more animal lovers like her in this world.

— Alexis
Founder & Executive Director, The Penny Foundation Dog Rescue Society
noelles pet love testimonials jesse 288x288 1

My boy Jesse has been going to Noelle’s place (camp, school, sleeps, etc) since March 2011. Jesse loves to go ‘on vacation’ and weekend stays when I’m up at Whistler, he absolutely adores Noelle; Deservedly so, she is a wonderful caregiver. Noelle was a veterinary assistant before starting her pet sitting business that she now is dedicated to full-time; That was actually a big factor for me, as when I left Jesse with her the first time, he was still recovering from a routine surgery and needed attention and care.

— Anita
noelles pet love testimonials kitty 288x288 1

As well, with Noelle’s experience as a licensed veterinarian technician, she had given us invaluable advice as a preemptive measure in ensuring optimum health for our kitty. And last but certainly not least, when we arrive home our cat is groomed, well fed with ample water available and her eating area and litter box are very clean.

— Eva
noelles pet love testimonials major 288x288 1

I have had the pleasure of knowing Noelle since May 2010 when she began visiting my senior cat, Major. He suffers from kidney disease, as do many senior cats and the twice weekly sub-cutaneous fluids, administered by Noelle have stabilized his condition. He now also has a Vitamin B12 injection to boost his metabolism. She is also very good at nail clipping; and does it quickly with more confidence than I can muster.

— Alison
noelles pet love testimonials teddi 288x288 1

The first thing I would like to say about Noelle is that she is a dog-lover. It is a rare combination when someone has technical expertise in an area that they love. Noelle was fostering Teddi when Teddi and I "made a connection." Noelle was instrumental in this transition time, and also in teaching me how to look after Teddi. She showed me technical basics like how to clean out Teddi’s ears and how to manage her allergies.

— Carissa
noelles pet love testimonials loki 288x288 1

My cat has often been referred to as ‘the most difficult animal we have ever had to deal with’ by vets throughout Canada and the US – to the point where she must be sedated for many office visits. However, Noelle is able to bond with her with ease resulting in a much less stressful situation for the aged creature. Noelle has assisted with her care for over ten years now, and as a result my cat is a healthy (if cantankerous) 18 years old and doing very, very well!

— Sally
noelles pet love testimonials sasha 288x288 288x288 1

As a cat with advanced kidney failure, Sasha requires more care than the average pet. In addition to special dietary supplements and medication, she is administered sub-cutaneous fluids daily to keep her in good health. Noelle’s experience as a veterinary technician is invaluable to maintaining Sasha’s level of care when we are out of town and has given us peace of mind that she is in good hands.

— Sanya
noelles pet love testimonials fred 288x288 1

It means a lot of have someone like her to depend on for the care of my rabbit, Fred. Her clear love for animals and attention to the details of their behaviour and needs is a remarkable asset. I can rest easy while I’m away knowing that he’s being looked after by capable hands. She has been flexible in response to my schedule and is happy to pick and drop Fred off, which saves me a great deal of time and effort as I’m preparing to leave town.

— Grant
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