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Group Based

Puppy Training Classes

Do you want a well-rounded, well socialized dog? Do you want your dog to have good manners and amazing recall? These classes will cover these things and so much more!

About our Puppy Training Classes

We service most areas of Vancouver and suburbs as well as Squamish and Whistler!

According to the AVSAB’s Position Statement (download PDF here) it is vitally important to socialize your pup as much as possible in the first 3 months of life when they have much less fear than after 3 months. Owners that wait until after the pup is fully vaccinated will increase the likelihood of fear when interacting with other dogs or humans which can potentially lead to behavior issues like fear, avoidance and/or aggression.

Classes run every 5 weeks and are divided into 2 groups: under 5 months classes (pups can start as early as 8 weeks) and over 5 months teen classes.

Puppy Training Classes

For puppies under 5 months

Price - $250 + GST

Currently we are collecting interested puppy owners via a form so that we can set a start date. If you are interested please click the 'Register Now' button below and fill out the form.

Young Adult Training Classes

For puppies between 5-18 months

Price - $250 + GST

Currently we are collecting interested puppy owners via a form so that we can set a start date. If you are interested please click the 'Register Now' button below and fill out the form.

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This form is collecting interested parties only. We will set an official date once we have enough interest to create a group. We do realize that without an official start date that this is something difficult to commit to weekly, so we do understand if you decide to not officially register once the date is set. Once the start date is confirmed and payment is collected, you will be officially enrolled and cancellations will no longer be accepted. All payments are non refundable in any case including no shows. Payment is due in full immediately after official registration by etransfer or cash only.

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