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At Home Visits

Some pets are not comfortable staying elsewhere due to disposition, age, or type of pet and at home pet visits are more suitable.

Service Includes

House visits include daily or every-other-day 30 minute visits with your pet where they will be fed, watered and petted, cage or litter box cleaned and talked too!

Food & Water

Pet will be fed and given water as instructed.

Fresh Air

Pet will be let out of the house as instructed.


Cage or litterer box will be cleaned as well as any puddles made.


Pet will be talked to cuddled and petted.

*Noelle is a Certified Professional Pet Dog Trainer (PPDT). Owners are given detailed training notes, training videos, tips and updates often and we encourage questions from owners.


Non-Veterinary Pet Visits
Non-Veterinary Horse Visits
Veterinary Visits

Please inquire about rates specific to your pet's needs.

*Rates do not include applicable taxes. A 30% discount is applied for all additional pets (20% during peak periods). All pricing applies to within boundaries. Please contact us to inquire additional fees for your location.

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